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Without the right data, agricultural input pricing can be a guessing game. Our secure digital platform connects farm input manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with the commercial insights they need to price with confidence.

The Best Incentive is Growth. Yours.

Shrinking margins, excess inventory, administrative headaches. Managing and reconciling crop protection, seed, and fertilizer pricing programs has always seemed like a gamble, at best.
Your business is too important to leave to chance.

Smartwyre delivers real-time product, pricing, and rebate data to farm input distributors, retailers and manufacturers, using the power of cloud technology to improve efficiency, forecasting, and profitability.
Our incentive management and sales enablement solutions deliver measurable financial results that fall straight to your bottom line.

From Product,
to Profit

Understand your annual rebate opportunity, and ensure that your brand support results in higher profit for you.

Improve Gross Profit by up to 5%

Freedom to Manage

Make the time for your most strategic managers to actually focus on commercial strategy, vs. rebate and price data administration.

Improve "Quality of Work" for your best people

Net Pricing,

Consolidate all local & regional offers from manufacturers to gain control of both branch-level and corporate net costs.

Reduce unprofitable pricing errors by 75%

We Help You Forecast for Growth.

Smartwyre connects you with up-to-date product, price, and rebate program data from the crop protection and seed suppliers you know and trust. This means you can forecast rebates and calculate earnings with greater speed and accuracy, and remove uncertainty from your business outlook.

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Money in the Bank, not on the Shelf

Smartwyre has standardized and digitized the industry’s complex pricing rules, so you can create, publish, and receive chemical and seed rebate incentives. This translates into higher volume sales, lower ending inventory and more cash in the bank.

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Our Service is the Difference

We've built a team of Ag industry and software implementation experts to get your business up and running quickly. Coming from Ag input manufacturers, distributors and industry data processors, Smartwyre staff have lived the problem and walked in your shoes.



Smartwyre's software platform is delivered as a multi-tenant, cloud-based software service platform. It's secure, easy to connect with your existing systems and services, and supported by our experienced team of content management professionals.