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Tenkoz Partners with Smartwyre™ to Improve Data Health and Increase Business Insights

Tenkoz owner companies will use Smartwyre to improve data quality and transparency to inform better business decisions.

DENVER — (October 26, 2022)

Smartwyre CEO John Brubaker today announced that Tenkoz, the largest U.S. crop protection distribution entity, has expanded its partnership with Smartwyre to provide Tenkoz owner companies access to software and digital tools to better manage transaction data. This partnership will allow Tenkoz owner companies to operate more efficiently and access data faster for better decision-making. This broader visibility into data and trends will increase business insights across the Tenkoz organization.

With more than 900 owned and aligned retail locations, a broad network of strategically located distribution centers, and more than 3,000 sales and technical representatives collectively, Tenkoz owners offer unmatched service, agronomic knowledge, and innovative products for nearly every crop and geography across the United States.

“Tenkoz and our owners, much like our customers, are focused on long-term, generational success,” said Tenkoz Vice President Jon Doran. “That type of success only comes from efficient, effective execution of our strategy and continuous process improvement. We believe that partnering with Smartwyre will not only help manage our transaction data but will proactively transform that data into actionable insights that will pay dividends.”

The Ag input supply chain has long been plagued by cumbersome, manual data wrangling and lagging transaction reporting, creating massive workloads at multiple levels across the industry. Missing or inaccurate data can lead to invalid earnings calculations and other errors. With Smartwyre, Tenkoz owners will now have access to software tools that automate digital processes to verify all transactions while improving data hygiene. With faster access to this accurate data, Tenkoz can better forecast and plan, driving profitability back to its owners.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to grow our partnership with Tenkoz and help them achieve their goals at both the owner and corporate level,” said Smartwyre CEO John Brubaker. “As a leader in the Ag input supply chain, Tenkoz understands the value that improved transaction data health can have across their entire business. We’re looking forward to helping them unlock that value.”

Smartwyre maintains a catalog of more than 60,000 products and 1 million+ trackable rebates and pricing combinations. In 2022, Smartwyre customers will leverage the Smartwyre platform to manage $7 billion in crop protection and seed product inventory and $2 billion in incentives.

Already connecting more than 50% of the U.S. crop protection distribution supply chain, Smartwyre is leading the charge in the new era of connected agribusiness commerce. Smartwyre software and tools empowers productivity and profitability while helping agribusinesses keep up in an increasingly complex and fast-moving Agriculture industry.

For more information on Smartwyre, please visit http://www.smartwyre.com