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Smartwyre™ Selling Expands Mobile Functionality to Improve Ag Retail Sales Performance

Integrating accurate net pricing and real-time cost data with quoting and booking capability empowers ag retail sales teams to protect margins and better serve customers. 

DENVER — (JUNE 22, 2022) With ag supplier prices now changing almost daily, it has become nearly impossible for ag retailers to set accurate grower prices and manage margins using cumbersome manual tracking methods. Smartwyre™, the business performance software company connecting more than 50 percent of the farm input distribution network, announces essential new mobile capabilities of its Smartwyre Selling solution. With instant, secure access to the most accurate rebate incentive and net cost data, ag retail sales teams now can confidently and instantly quote and book orders wherever they are. 

“The Smartwyre Selling mobile enhancements answer the ag retailer’s need to give salespeople and crop advisors instant in-the-field access to accurate quoting and pricing tools to protect margins and improve customer service,” said Adrian Kelly, chief product officer, Smartwyre. “Automation of processes also reduces admin tasks for sales and support staff, which gives them more time to focus on business development and problem-solving.” 

Historically, the farm input supply network has struggled with throughput pricing, which is the total time it takes for a change in product cost to make its way through an organization from procurement to the sales team’s price list. Experts estimate the industry average for throughput pricing is approximately three days, which negatively affects business performance.  

Smartwyre Selling was designed to enable the industry to achieve best-in class pricing throughput, which should average no more than four hours to avoid margin erosion. 

“Smartwyre is the industry’s only software solution that reduces margin erosion by securely connecting trading partners across the supply chain with accurate product, pricing, cost and incentive information that is available instantly,” said John Brubaker, CEO, Smartwyre. “With expanded mobile functionality, crop advisors and sales teams now can digitally submit customer orders knowing their quotes align with head office and upstream distribution and manufacturing – something ag retailers have not been able to accomplish until now.”   

For more information on the Smartwyre Selling solution, please visit http://www.smartwyre.com/selling