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Smartwyre™ Elevates Data Health and Transparency in the Ag Input Supply Chain

DENVER — (September 22, 2022)

While many major industries have embraced cloud-based data management solutions to improve business performance, data advancement in the ag supply chain is still a challenge. The ownership, transparency, and accuracy of ag input data becomes unclear when shared with trading partners across the industry.

Smartwyre, the secure digital platform that connects more than 50 percent of the U.S. crop protection distribution supply chain, is helping the Ag input supply chain embrace modern data solutions through its Data & Transaction Solution software, which is designed to alleviate data management problems by accelerating and streamlining processes, putting the data owner in control and addressing issues at the source, leading to increased transparency and profitability.

“Smartwyre Data & Transaction Solutions gives agribusinesses the full picture of their data and business trends, which sets the industry up to take advantage of market opportunities like never before,” said Smartwyre CEO John Brubaker. “With sustained, long-term improvement of data health, agribusinesses will improve their business analytics, driving growth and profits.”


One specific area where Data & Transaction Solutions promises to help distributors and retailers gain increased data visibility and profitability is rebate reconciliation.

Often described by industry insiders as a “black box,” the rebate reconciliation process historically has required trading partners — distributors and retailers — to send their data to third-party collectors to receive rebate checks from manufacturers. Once data is submitted, trading partners have no visibility into how their data is used and how rebate payments are calculated – a situation that consumes significant resources and can generate distrust and frustration.

 “We have seen the advances that other major industries have achieved by embracing software-driven solutions. Smartwyre is working with our partners and customers to deliver this same opportunity in ag inputs,” said Smartwyre CEO John Brubaker

Smartwyre Data and Transaction Solutions renews trade partner confidence in the rebate reconciliation process by giving distributors and retailers the ability to retain ownership over their data and maintain a single connection point with multiple suppliers, which improves data health and analytics, and increases transparency in a system where none existed before. The result is optimized business performance and reduced time and money lost to process inefficiencies.

“With Smartwyre, data owners can easily turn sharing on or off, and retain control over who has access to their data,” said Smartwyre Chief Product Officer Adrian Kelly. “They also get updates in real time—which help them maintain visibility over calculations, and inspire more faith in the entire process.”


For more information on Smartwyre’s Data & Transaction Solutions, please visit http://www.smartwyre.com/DTS.