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The past two years have demonstrated just how delicate the ag input supply chain is. Political disruption, climate change, a lingering global pandemic, and border restrictions have shaken even the most tried-and-trusted networks. Stock-outs and product allocation is all now a new normal. With supply change crunches affecting every corner of agriculture, unprecedented price changes and logistical challenges threaten efficiency and profitability.

So, how can the ag industry re-find its footing among the unpredictability that has defined this decade?

The answer to driving efficiencies and mitigating unpredictability lies in effective demand planning. That’s why Smartwyre is launching its demand planning solution. With Smartwyre Planning, trade partners profit from enhanced visibility and the ability to build forecasts collaboratively.

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of the US

Smartwyre connects more than 50% of the U.S. crop protection distribution supply chain

Pricing Combos

Smartwyre Planning tracks 900,000 rebate and pricing combinations and over 60,000 products to help you build a more predictable, accountable, and organized business.

operating income

Smartwyre real-time demand planning can help trade partners improve operating income by 1-to-2 percentage points.

Orchestrate Your Strategy With Insight. Adjust With Agility.

As one of the world’s largest and most diverse industries, agriculture’s sheer scale is a beast within itself. Today’s market can shift without warning leaving agricultural input producers plagued with supply chain issues that lead to higher input costs and supply constraints. Current practices are unsustainable. The time to adapt is now.

  • Build forecasts collaboratively with trade partners
  • Make real-time decisions as market conditions change
  • Quickly communicate price and incentive program changes with customers
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Smartwyre Planning

Smartwyre Planning powers informed decisions. Smartwyre Planning gives trading partners the ability to build forecasts collaboratively and make informed business decisions in real-time, allowing trade partners to retire spreadsheets, optimize buying opportunities.

No Missed Opportunities

No more sifting through spreadsheets and guessing on achievement of rebate program incentives. Save time and never miss an opportunity to be more profitable.

Improved Operating Income

Smartwyre Planning users can improve operating income by approximately one-to-two percent.

Optimize Limited Supply

Seamless demand planning between agricultural input manufacturers, distributors and retailers to match limited supply with the highest-value demand

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