A Warning about Recruiting Phishing Scams

With the primary goal of connecting agribusiness commerce to unlock the industry’s business performance, Smartwyre has made a name for itself. While we encourage you to explore job opportunities at our company, we also urge you to be cautious and wary of recruitment scams in which fraudsters pretend to represent prominent companies like Smartwyre.

Scams may originate from job sites or social media platforms beyond Smartwyre’s control that aim to defraud or use gathered information for identity theft. We urge all job seekers and candidates to be cautious of potential job scams. These scams typically have individuals pretending to represent notable companies, including Smartwyre, with the goal of extracting money or personal, sensitive, or financial information from applicants. These scams exploit an individual’s desire to secure a job, and they can sometimes appear like a real recruitment process.

Red Flags

Legitimate Smartwyre recruitment processes consist of communication with candidates through recognized professional networks such as LinkedIn. However, additional communication is always through an official Smartwyre email address (e.g., @smartwyre.com).

You are not expected to make financial transactions with Smartwyre during your employment, nor are you required to invest in cryptocurrencies during roles undertaken.

Job performance communication is not conducted through social media or messaging apps during your employment with Smartwyre.

Legitimate Smartwyre recruiters will not request personal data from candidates during the application stage. For example, they won’t ask for your date of birth, social security numbers, or bank account information.

Legitimate Smartwyre interviews may be conducted over the phone, in person, or via an authorized enterprise video conferencing service (such as Microsoft Teams).

Legitimate Smartwyre job offers are merit-based and are only extended after a candidate has formally interviewed with members of the hiring team. Offers will be conveyed both verbally and in written format only through our formal Smartwyre hiring platforms such as Lever. Smartwyre may request some personal information to start the hiring process, but this will be through password-protected means via official channels.

Smartwyre will never make initial contact via WhatsApp. All initial communications will be made from a @smartwyre.com email address.

Smartwyre does not advertise or offer jobs through WhatsApp messaging services.

Smartwyre will never request you to click on links via WhatsApp.

We Only Communicate via Smartwyre.com

Should you encounter a scam recruitment process claiming to be for Smartwyre, please do not disclose any personal or financial information and contact us via Speak with Smartwyre.

About Smartwyre

The Smartwyre software platform seamlessly and securely connects the product, price, cost, and incentive information of Ag supply chain businesses and commercial trading partners. Maintaining a catalog of more than 90,000 products and more than 1.5 million trackable rebates and pricing combinations, in 2023 Smartwyre customers will manage $7 billion in crop protection and seed product inventory and $2 billion in incentives using its technology.

Today, Smartwyre securely connects over 90 percent of the U.S. crop protection distribution supply chain.


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