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Technology That Changes The Game for improved Profitability

Much like a house, a business will collapse if it doesn’t have the right foundation in place. For Ag
input distributors and retailers, that foundation is product costing and pricing. But unfortunately,
the Ag input supply chain is plagued by pricing fluctuations, product scarcity, and other
disruptions. Without instant access to accurate data about those fluctuations, sales teams are
playing one step behind.

Those lags are impacting agribusinesses’ bottom lines.

Luckily, there are solutions to improve profit margin, ensure accurate cost and pricing info, and
give your sales team the foundation they need to keep growing your business.

 Download the white paper to learn: 

  • The root causes of recurrent inaccuracy in cost and price data industry-wide

  • How much a lag in price adjustment could impact pricing margin, and what this means for overall

  • Solutions for this disconnect environment, including technology that can provide real-time
    visibility over cost and pricing data