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avoid a multi-million dollar surpise

No more year-end surprises! Reconciling purchase information is such a tedious effort. Smartwyre almost eliminates the reconciliation process completely.

Distributor Finance Leader

Smartwyre gives us the ability to consolidate data into one software; and the tools to help us better understand incentive programs and make the best buying decisions.

Retail Purchasing Manager

Being on the same page with our suppliers regarding rebate earnings is invaluable. There are no more year-end surprises for us and our supply partners.

Retail business owner


Track Your Rebate
Earnings Quickly

Automatically calculate and track incentive program achievement in real-time so your team can focus on making profit instead of spending time to understand it.

Whenever You Need It

Eliminate laborious period-end reconciliation processes due to transaction disputes. Smartwyre allows you to quickly align transactions with your suppliers at any time.

Easily Identify Top
Rebate Opportunities

With product, pricing, and transaction data in one place, you can easily analyze the best purchase options to optimize rebate programs and maximize profits.

Solving Ag Industry Challenges


Real-time, Accurate Cost Data

Digitally connect with suppliers to receive cost and product data in real-time. Make buying decisions based on data, not guessing, to maximize rebate programs.

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Empower Your Sales Team

Connect data sources to provide sales teams information at their fingertips. Let your sales team focus on customers, not admin tasks, and you can focus on profit.

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Track Rebate Earnings… Instantly

Incentives are automatically calculated, so you can see real-time rebate achievement. No more laborious year-end reconciliation and negotiations for rebate earnings.

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Simplify Planning

Sales, purchase, and rebate data are in one place. Tools allow for scenario planning and supplier collaboration to provide improved demand plans.

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Work where
you love

At Smartwyre, we love the work. We’ve provided an opportunity to contribute, to build, and to connect with customers and colleagues. We’ll ask you to work hard, and smart … and who wouldn’t?

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