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The Smartwyre platform is your single source of truth for crop protection and seed commerce. Designed and delivered as a gateway for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to create or access up-to-date product data, it supports the intuitive management of product catalog, price, rebate, and incentive program information.

Solutions are delivered via three core software modules, all of which are built with application programming interfaces (“APIs”) and best-in-class security standards. This means integrating with existing corporate systems and service offerings is seamless. Additionally, the Smartwyre Master Data Management Service is available to support distributors and retailers whose suppliers still operate with legacy, non-digital information management models.


CampaignManager simplifies complicated agribusiness product, price and rebate programs, offering the insights distributors and retailers need to thrive.

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Net Price Forecasting

Maximize sales and improve margins with more accurate rebate program assumptions.

Eliminate net cost errors in up to 5% of your sales

Loyalty Programs

Track your commercial support, direct purchases to highest profit relationships.

Improve gross profit by up to 5%

Local & Regional Offers

Track all local, regional and 1-1 unpublished offers from manufacturers and distributors.

Improve end-of-season redemptions by as much as 0.25% of sales

In-season Programs

Forecast incentive opportunities and align buying with usage windows.

Reduce carryover inventory by up to 50%

Allocation & Redemption

Reconcile manufacturer payments to individual locations, departments, and specific transactions.

Free your internal experts to focus on customers and commerce, not spreadsheets


ProductManager provides crop protection and seed suppliers with the product promotion and channel management tools that commercial managers need to build brand value and customer loyalty.

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Product Information

Secure gateway for managing all product information: including commercial, regulatory, supply chain, training content, grower tools, and more.

Trading Partners

Securely and electronically publish information to pre-authorized distributors and retailers.

Pricing & Rebate Rules

Easily configure and track digital price and rebate programs for both grouped and individual customers.

Systems Connectivity

Open API and security standards allow seamless integration with existing corporate systems and services.

Collaboration & Communication

Publish up-to-date product information for distributors and retailers. Create custom communication plans and alerts.


FieldManager enables field sales representatives and crop advisors with a complete commercial platform, providing the up-to-date product, price, and program data that grower and retail customers are demanding.

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Customer Management

Manage and view current customer data, including purchase history and land holdings.

Sales Enablement

Access production information, including price and programs, regulatory and key documents.

Price and Quote Management

Create grower quotes, manage price exceptions, ensure accurate orders and billing splits, and easily connect to third party finance.

Systems Connectivity

API integration with precision analysis and agronomy apps. Offline use for mobile and low-signal areas.

Performance Tracking

View personal sales objectives and in-season performance vs. plan.

Improve margins by up to 5%.

Smartwyre Planning

Smartwyre Planning powers informed decisions. The Smartwyre Planning module connects manufacturer rebate program data to agricultural businesses, allowing trade partners to retire spreadsheets, optimize buying opportunities, and improve operating income by one to two percent.

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Live Updates

Clients are able to make informed decisions in real-time as market conditions change.

Collaborative Plans

Trading partners now have the ability to build forecasts collaboratively to accelerate commercial performance.

No Missed Opportunities

No more sifting through spreadsheets. Save time and never miss an opportunity to be more profitable.

Improved Operating Income

Smartwyre executives estimate Smartwyre Planning users can improve operating income by approximately one-to-two percent.

Real-Time Demand Planning

Seamless demand planning between agricultural input manufacturers, distributors and retailers.