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At Smartwyre, your success is measured by the success of the team and company as a whole. We foster a collaborative but challenging dynamic, one that rewards your ability to contribute knowledge and effort for the benefit of our customers, and our company. By being supported in an open and practical environment, you have an opportunity to grow beyond your role. And that’s good for all of us.


We hire team members who are fundamental to our success, and give them the tools and freedom to innovate. Your expertise contributes directly to the bigger picture.


We’re experienced professionals who have grown beyond “work hard, play hard”. We work smart, innovate with confidence, and take the time to recharge.

Learn & Develop

From team-led training sessions and project “retros,” to executive education and personalized training courses, we embrace individual and team learning in everything that we do.


We offer competitive salary and bonus program, a flexible health insurance benefit, and 401(k) contribution matching. Comparable programs are available for non-US employees.


In addition to a modern office space with onsite parking, restaurant, and fitness center, Smartwyre embraces distributed working. Deliver consistent, quality work, and you can define when and where you do it from.

2 Week Vacation

We strongly encourage everyone in the company to plan two consecutive weeks away every year. And that’s in addition to other time off. You’ll come back more focused, with fresh perspective, and new ideas. Our competitors can burn out: we won’t.

“My job is to set a big picture direction, help the group stay pointed to true north, and ensure everyone has the resources they need to get there together.”

— John Brubaker, Smartwyre CEO

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